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Lantana, FL

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Station House Restaurant Maine Lobster Dinner
Lantana, FL

The Station House Restaurant – Lantana, FL

The Station House Restaurant

One of the Best Seafood Restaurants For Fresh Lobster in Lantana, FL

While most locals frequent The Station House Restaurant, this was our first time eating here. To be honest, we didn't seek this specific restaurant out. Our intention was to check out Riggins Crabhouse on Lantana Road. We pulled up to find the place was closed for renovations. I recalled hearing from friends about an excellent seafood restaurant nearby so we headed east a mile or so and found The Station House on the north side just before the railroad tracks. Parking was easy, we pulled up and a friendly valet greeted us. While the building is an old train depot originally built in 1915 it adds a certain "Lantana" old-world vibe to the restaurant which opened in 1995.