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Brand New Artist Living Lofts & Working Space Studios In Lake Worth
Good News

Art Lofts of West Village in Lake Worth

Art Lofts of West Village

New Artist Village In Lake Worth, FL

Just across the street from the Urban Lofts you'll find the new Art Lofts of West Village on Lucerne Avenue and North F Street just west of the downtown Lake Worth district.
Jessie Grieb - East Coast Awareness Walk

East Coast Overdose Awareness Walk From Maine to Florida

Walking Across The East Coast To Spread Opioid Addiction Awareness

Jessie Grieb Is Headed To Key West, FL, On Foot

Former Lake Worth resident and now Spring Valley native, Jessie Grieb, walks the East Coast in battle against opioid addiction. She is walking 2500+ miles from Maine to Florida. Her trek will take her through Palm Beach County early next year and it will come to an end when she reaches her final destination in Key West in Spring of 2019.