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Event: Oktoberfest of the Palm Beaches (Lantana, FL)

German Oktoberfest of the Palm Beaches in Lantana, FL

Oktoberfest at the American German Club is Almost Here!

Live Bands, Cold Beer and Traditional German Food

2018 marks the 45th year the American German Club of the Palm Beaches has hosted this annual celebration in Lantana, FL.

Oktoberfest in Lantana, FL

Our Beer Steins For This Year’s Oktoberfest Are Ready To Go!

Traditional German Beer & Food

This year’s Oktoberfest of the Palm Beaches features some of the best German beers on tap including ‘bier’ selections including Oktoberfest Beer, Hefeweizen, Dunkel from Original Hofbrau Beers from several booths found throughout the festival. Don’t like beer? You’ll also find multiple bars serving shots of Schnapps, cocktails & mixed drinks, Jäger Bomb and Special Jäger drinks, Kleiner Feigling and wine by the glass.

While the beer is excellent, we are also there for the food. Different tents, booths and also kitchens are set up serving traditional German sausages, potato pancakes and other authentic dishes. Some of the yummy German food worth mentioning aka eating are the Bratwurst (on a bun or get the platter), Schnitzel, Currywurst, Leberkase and the sauerkraut, you can not forget the sauerkraut.

Oktoberfest Menu - German Sausage Platter

Traditional German Sausage Platter – YUM!

Oktoberfest Entertainment

For the 11th consecutive year in a row HHBB Heldensteiner, directly from the Munich Oktoberfest, will be the main pavilion house band performing a traditional set list of favorites played in Munich. You’ll also enjoy performances from other bands and dance groups however the must see is the Steinholding competition. Men and women compete in a traditional Bavarian strength contest holding a full beer stein in front of their body with a straight arm extended out. The contest continues for as long as the last competitor is left standing with the beer stein fully extended. This declares him or her the winner of the content.

There is a also a market area with local vendors selling goods and companies offering their services. Kids love the carnival area which includes rides and games. There is also a playground area for the little ones.

Best Time of Day to Attend Oktoberfest

Our personal preference varies based on the years, we tend to ping pong between day and night. Last year we went on a Saturday, at noon, when the gates were opening. We had just come back from a week long business trip which swayed us to enjoy an afternoon visit instead of going in the evening.

If you are looking for less crowds go during the day time. The closer you go to opening time, the less crowded it is. You’ll be able to drink beer, eat some food and check out festival grounds easily. The downside… some of the booths and tents won’t be open until later and you miss out on the awesome vibe and party atmosphere the crowds offer.

Now, if you are looking for a festive time, singing and dancing and drinking with your arms around others, head out in the evening. The festival begins to electrify around 7pm, just as the sun goes down. It gets a little loud under the pavillion tent but you can easily escape it by claiming one of the concrete picnic tables.

This year, we’ll be in the evening to party the night away under the tent with our beer steins in hand. If you spot a couple with their Lederhosen on their steins, say hello! It may be us… or not, but you’ll make a new friend.

Parking at Oktoberfest – Lots & Shuttles

Now the worst part. Parking itself is not bad, IF and WHEN, you finally make it to the parking lot across from the American German Club. The traffic is BONKERS in the evening. Be prepared to crawl at a snails pace.

You can also park your car at one of the local schools offering parking and shuttle service. Check for locations.

We will most likely park at our friend’s house who lives nearby and walk. That’s how much we hate the parking situation.

2018 Oktoberfest of the Palm Beaches

October 12, 13, 14 and 19, 20 and 21, 2018

5111 Lantana Rd, Lake Worth, FL

website: americangermanclub.org

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