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Art Lofts of West Village in Lake Worth

Brand New Artist Living Lofts & Working Space Studios In Lake Worth

Art Lofts of West Village

New Artist Village In Lake Worth, FL

Just across the street from the Urban Lofts you’ll find the new Art Lofts of West Village on Lucerne Avenue and North F Street just west of the downtown Lake Worth district.

This low-income artist village was built with assistance from the City of Lake Worth, the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency and Palm Beach County. The original Palm Beach County Health Department building was redeveloped for $3.3 million and now houses 8 two-story homes which include a living space on the upper floor and an artist studio space on the lower floor.

How To Qualify For An Artist Loft Home Purchase

To own one of these artist loft spaces, there are requirements and a review by a board before you can purchase one of these low-income homes in the heart of Lake Worth, FL. To qualify, you must first meet income restrictions and make a living from art, music or another creative design design work. Once you submit the required information, a review will be done by a selection committee who will either deny or approve the applicant for townhome purchase.

Artist Community Built With The Help Of Local Grants

This project was developed by Neighborhood Renaissance, Inc. with grant assistance from several local organizations. NeighborhoodWorks Project Reinvest, Palm Beach County’s Department of Housing and the National Stabilization Program all awarded grants to the economic development agency while the city donated the land.

The redevelopment of the building through grants helps provide affordable subsidized housing for artists to live and create art. Four of the eight living and working space will be sold for a lower price all thanks to these grants while the other four spaces will be sold at real estate value.

Art Lofts of West Village Commercial Space

Art Lofts of West Village in Lake Worth, FloridaAlong with the artist live/work spaces, the Art Lofts building located at 1120 Lucerne Avenue also includes a 2,000 sq. ft. commercial space which can be split up into 1000 sq. ft. spaces to accommodate two separate businesses. This will be a great location for retail, office, small restaurant or fast food counter service location.

For more information about commercial space leasing, visit http://www.artloftslw.com/commercial.html

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