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Lantana, FL

The Station House Restaurant – Lantana, FL

Station House Restaurant Maine Lobster Dinner

The Station House Restaurant

One of the Best Seafood Restaurants For Fresh Lobster in Lantana, FL

While most locals frequent The Station House Restaurant, this was our first time eating here.

To be honest, we didn’t seek this specific restaurant out. Our intention was to check out Riggins Crabhouse on Lantana Road. We pulled up to find the place was closed for renovations.

I recalled hearing from friends about an excellent seafood restaurant nearby so we headed east a mile or so and found The Station House on the north side just before the railroad tracks.

Parking was easy, we pulled up and a friendly valet greeted us.

While the building is an old train depot originally built in 1915 it adds a certain “Lantana” old-world vibe to the restaurant which opened in 1995.

Walking up to the hostesses, we were asked if we had a reservation. We did not however we were lucky to be seated immediately. We met our waiter, Joe, who was happy to serve first time customers. He told us he doesn’t get a lot of them, most are regulars of many years.

Station House Restaurant - Lobster Stuffed Shells

Lobster Stuffed Shells

The warm bread was immediately brought out with our drinks. The rolls were delicious, I behaved and only ate one.

Joe then went over the specials and gave us a run-down of the menu along with his favorites. We started with a bowl of lobster bisque with a shot of sherry along with the fresh calamari which came with fresh marinara for dipping. It didn’t take very long to come out of the kitchen and we devoured them both. No time to take a picture of either, by the time I remembered, we had a few crumbs left on the plate and the bowl of soup was empty. My husband’s only complaint, he had hoped the bisque had lobster chunks in it but none the less, liked it.

During our calamari frenzy, Joe came over to take our dinner order. My husband opted for the lobster stuffed shells which the waiter made a point to tell my husband it was more cheese than lobster. Fine by us. I ordered a 2 lbs Maine lobster dinner which came with a side of potatoes and corn on the cob.

Salads appeared. We starred at the little dressing cup. We had missed the part about what it was. A strange pinkish white hue. We didn’t ask, we just went for it. While it was not our favorite and we’ll opt for another dressing next time, it was not terrible. It was raspberry ranch, if you are wondering.

Our dinner came out in a timely manner, enough time for us to finish our first beer and order another.

Station House Restaurant - Maine Lobster Dinner

Maine Lobster Dinner

I asked Joe to assist in tearing my lobster apart for me. With gloves on, he dismantled it for me while I attempted to put on my bib. I had a hard time putting on the bib, I can’t imagine the mess I would have made if I had cracked my dinner open.

While my lobster was not going to win any under the sea pageants for its appearance, it was very tender and sweet. Perfectly cooked. The basic sides were perfect, complimented the Maine lobster perfectly.

I realized my husband was enjoying his stuffed lobster shells because of the silence at our table. We usually chit chat while eating dinner and there was none of it happening. Both of us were happy with our meals, enjoying each bite. After a few bites, we each offered the other a taste. His pasta was delicious, very cheesy as ‘warned’ and chunks of lobster throughout.

There was more than enough food for the both of us and with plenty leftover to take home. The eggs and lobster I made the next morning for breakfast was yummy.

We were pleasantly satisfied when we were done eating. No room left for dessert. Maybe next time.

The Station House Restaurant

233 W Lantana Rd, Lantana, FL 33462

website: thestationhouse.com
phone: (561) 801-5000

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